Area 23 Sockeye Stock Assessment Bulletin – July 15, 2021
Tseshaht Communal XEO 21 Gillnet License July 13-14, 2021


Tseshaht fisheries department has many roles and responsibilities within the Tseshaht Community. The fisheries department manages and develops the commercial and community fishing for salmon in Port Alberni. The fisheries department works with DFO to negotiate allocations, schedules and agreements for economic access. Tseshaht fisheries department develops rules and process with the fish committee to deal with issues and concerns from the community.

Tseshaht Fisheries works with commercial fishermen to supply Tseshaht community with additional seafood resources through fresh and frozen halibut distribution and other seafood when available. Fisheries staff coordinates and manage staff for community fish days at Papermill dam. Tseshaht fisheries works with Robertson Creek hatchery to harvest excess salmon once they reach their required escapement and egg-take.
The escapement of adult salmon is also closely monitored by Tseshaht fisheries through swim, walking and boat surveys of the spawning areas throughout Tseshaht territory. Tseshaht fisheries department works with DFO to develop conservation and harvest strategies to protect fragile stocks while accessing strong stocks for harvest. Management plans are built to develop fishing schedules then the fishing is monitored and data is recorded for stock assessment.

Tseshaht fisheries department also manages a number of commercial licenses including prawn by trap, halibut, sea cucumber, sea urchin, and rockfish. These licenses contribute both jobs and revenue for Tseshaht and its community. A partnership fisheries corporation has been developed with Hupacasath through DFO/PICFI. This corporation is going to expand the access to marine resources through additional licenses and quota shared by the two nations.

For more information, please contact:

James LaFlamme, Fisheries Manager

Phone: 250.724.1225
Fax: 250.724.4385
Cell: 250.731.5688

Address: 5091 Tsuma-as Drive
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8X9