Tseshaht First Nation own and manage five forest companies and three Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). All of the businesses are managed through Tseshaht Forestry Corporation.

Tseshaht Forestry Corporation

This company manages the forestry businesses of the Tseshaht First Nation. In addition, it provides engineering and cultural heritage surveys to third party businesses and government who wish to operate within Tseshaht’s traditional territory.

Cisaa Forestry Corporation and Cisaa Forestry LLP

Cisaa Forestry LLP currently holds two forest tenures granted by the government to allow for the harvest of set volumes of timber off of Crown land. Cisaa is actively working with several logging and road building contractors to access blocks of timber around the Alberni Valley. Cisaa replants all previously logged areas.

Omoah Forestry Corporation and Omoah Forestry LLP

Omoah Forestry LLP manages the “Bill 13 Agreement” which currently exists between Tseshaht First Nation and Western Forest Products Ltd. A Bill 13 Agreement is an agreement created pursuant to the Forest Act that gives its holder the exclusive right to harvest a certain amount of timber each year on a major forest tenure. In our case, the Bill 13 Agreement gives Tseshaht the right to harvest and sell timber each year from TFL 44 owned by Western Forest Products.

Ekoolthaht Marine Corporation and Ekoolthaht Marine LLP

Ekoolthaht manages the marine assets that are owned by Tseshaht First Nation. The assets include an ocean-going barge, a tug boat currently operating on Great Central Lake and two crew boats also currently operating on Great Central Lake. The barge is rented out on a per diem basis. The tug and the crew boats are rented on monthly basis usually for a season at a time.

Equis Forest Products Ltd.

Equis was formed in the late nineties to hold and manage a forest licence that Tseshaht was offered in partnership with a local businessman. Its operations are on the Equis Peninsula which is located on the North Side of Barkley Sound.

For more information, please contact:

Dwayne Hearn, Forestry Manager

Phone: 250.724.1225
Fax: 250.724.4385

Address: 5091 Tsuma-as Drive
Port Alberni, BC  V9Y 8X9