Meet Our Team

Thomas Hleck
Interim Executive Director
Chris Anderson
Director of Finance
Bella Fred
Director of Membership Services
Virginia Shrimpton
Executive Assistant
Human Resource Advisor



Tonya Isaac
Welcome Center Coordinator
Chelsey McIntosh
Office Services Assistant

Thomas Hleck
Social Development & Health Services Manager
Lillian Dick
Administrative Assistant
Gail K. Gus
Crisis Care & Wellness Coordinator
Patricia Jimmy
Community Health Support Worker (Patient Travel)
Michelle Colyn
Membership Clerk
Mercedes Marshall
Youth & Recreation Coordinator

Melissa Bigmore
Communications Liaison
Alicia Jimmy
Data Analyst
Kaitlin Minvielle
Emergency Program Coordinator
Iris Kivell
Clean Energy Champion

Maria Gomez
Community Services Manager
Elders Coordinator

Jeremy Bowers
Housing Manager



Philip Wright
Maintenance Coordinator



Paula Watts



Lisa Gallic
Public Works Administrator
Thomas Fred
Supervisor Lead Hand
Rick Mack
Grounds & Facilities Maintenance
Sylvia Dick
Facilities & Maintenance Worker

Roger Brossoit
Capital Projects Manager
Richard Sam Jr.
Capital Projects Supervisor

Darrell Ross Sr.
Manager of Natural Resources
Len L. Watts
Land Use Planning Coordinator
Denis St. Claire
Archaeology & Ethnography Special Advisor



Dwayne Hearn
Forestry Operations Manager
Jamie Jensen
Forestry Assistant

Beach Keepers

Hank Gus
Team Lead
Cody Gus
Beach Keeper
Robert S. Watts
Beach Keeper

taaʔisumqa Dawn Foxcroft
Language Manager
yaacuʔisaqs Linsey Haggard
Language Coordinator
tatuučap Grant Watts
Data Technician and Archivist Lead
huup̓ałukʔqs Jocelyn Dick
Data Technician and Archivist Assistant
kʷaacaapi Josh Goodwill
First Voices Support and Communications

Vicki-lee Snowden
Financial Controller
Marlene Dick
AP Accounting Services Assistant
Tina Sam
Payroll & General Accounting
Ashley Fred
Accounting Services Assistant
Wendy Gallic
Financial & Narrative Reporting Specialist

James LaFlamme
Fisheries Manager
Tamara McLeggon
Fisheries Administrative Assistant
John Ross
Lead Fisheries Guardian
Kyle Miller
Fisheries Technician
Jay Budd
Resource Management Officer Technician (RMOT)
Nick Ross
PSSI Monitor
Kyle Erickson
PSSI Monitor
Jeff Gallic
PSSI Monitor
Sebastian Fred
PSSI Monitor

Theresa Burnip
Program Manager
Kristin Nohr
Support Staff
Tanya Taylor
0-3 Supervisor
Alice Robbins
Infant Caregiver
Angelina Cartlidge
Infant Caregiver
Alyssa Clarke
Support Staff
Bernelda Jackson
Sharon Dick

Linda Seitcher
Project Manager
Sheri Meding
Research Lead
Leanne Harding
Engagement Coordinator
Andrea Pettigrew
Records Coordinator
Aaron Watts
Cultural Support
Linda Pelech
Counselling Support

Doug Sam
Andrew Mack
Assistant Supervisor
Sidney Peterson
Sampson Barney
Chuck Doiron Sr.
Steve Bigmore
Kayden Doiron
Jacob Dick