Tseshaht Members and other interested parties who are interested in renting Community Facilities are requested to contact Melissa Bigmore at Tseshaht First Nation 250.724.1225

The following Tseshaht Community Facilities are available for rental use purposes by both Tseshaht First Nation members, membership groups and by other First Nations as well as the general public:

  1. Maht Mahs gymnasium (with or without use of the Maht Mahs Kitchen facility) – available to Tseshaht members only until further notice
  2. Cultural Centre – Closed until further notice
  3. Tseshaht Longhouse (rental by Cultural User Groups only) – Closed until further notice
  4. Tseshaht Great Room (located inside the Tseshaht Administration Building) –Closed to the public until further notice
  5. Tseshaht Youth Center – Not available for rent or public use

The above Community Facilities are available for rent on a day rate or on a half day rate basis. Any inquiries on the approved Rental User Fee schedule for the rental of the above facilities can be obtained by contacting the Administration Office.

All rentals are undertaken using a Facilities Rental Agreement Form that outlines the responsibilities of the rental user and the responsibilities of the Tseshaht First Nation Administration Office.

Rental Policies:

  • A Damage Deposit in amount of 50% of the rental fee is charged up front and must be paid to secure the booking date.
  • The pick up of keys for Facility access must be arranged with Melissa Bigmore and will only be released once everything has been paid in Full.
  • Set up of the facility for rental use is the responsibility of the User. 
  • Coffee and other food services are the responsibility of the Renter(s). 
  • Bathroom supply is stocked only on the first day, should you run out it is up to you to supply thereafter, this also includes supplies for the Kitchen.
  • Refund of damage deposit : After inspection of the premise in accordance with the Facility Use Checklist your deposit will be returned. Where the premise does not meet the checklist, the TFN Administration Office reserves the right to retain a portion or all of the deposit, depending on hours spent to clean. Please note the damage deposit is forfeit in the event of damage or theft (depending on cost to repair or replace items). Costs over and above the Damage Deposit are the responsibility of the Renter
Maht Mahs

Maht Mahs

5000 Mission Rd.
Port Alberni, BC
Phone: 250.724.1042

Cultural Center

Tseshaht Cultural Center

5211 Watty's Rd.
Port Alberni, BC
Phone: 250.723.5421

Tseshaht Longhouse

5000 Mission Rd.
Port Alberni, BC
Phone: N/A

Tseshaht Youth Center

6666 Saiyatchapis
Port Alberni, BC
Phone: 250.724.7320

Tseshaht Administration Building Boardroom Bookings:
For more information regarding the rental of the Tseshaht Great Room located within the Tseshaht First Nation Administration Building, please contact Melissa Bigmore at 250.724.1225

Great Room

5091Tsuma-as Dr.
Port Alberni, BC

Administration Building

5091Tsuma-as Dr.
Port Alberni, BC
Phone: 250.724.1225
Fax: 250.724.4385