I trace my ancestry to many tribes of the Nuu chaa nulth but first and foremost I trace my Tseshaht roots from my late father, Tony “Chappy” Fred, his parents were Martha and Martin Fred. Martin’s father was  Kiixa “Big Fred”.

My father Tony married Cheryl Amos (Hesquiaht), having 6 children which I am the youngest. My siblings are Harry, Matthew, Thomas, Renee and my twin Melissa Fred.

My husband is Kevin Cranmer (Namgis) our children are Elissa, Daniel and Tony.

My education back ground is in Social Sciences. It is through these studies I became interested in society and social affairs. When I moved back from Victoria I wanted to be a part of something important and utilize my education, so when I had the opportunity to be on council I knew this was going to be a great opportunity to contribute my time and efforts to be a voice for Tseshaht. To do this; I learned I must be ever present to listen and know that criticism and constructive criticism enables growth and knowledge.

As the late Waamesh~George Watts stated, referring to be a strong leaders we must, “be the swimmers to gain skills and knowledge for your people.”

My vision for Tseshaht is to live our Aboriginal Rights and Title as the creator intended. To have plenty of fish to sustain our next generation. To continually support our kids education and support our community so we are all physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Build economic growth but more importantly respect the land we live on.