c’išaaʔatḥ ḥawiiḥ introduction

ʔukłaamaḥ k̓ʷacaapii quuʔaciic ʕimtii

ʔukłaamaḥ Joshua Angus Goodwill mamałn̓iqiic ʕimtii.

What house do you sit under & what families sit in your house?

I sit in the 4th seat of c’išaaʔatḥ as the head of the House of maqƛiiʔatḥ

The birth order of the families in maqƛiiʔatḥ

  • Ross
  • Clutesi
  • Dick
  • Fred
  • Gallic

Where is your original ḥaaḥuułi before you amalgamated with the original c’išaa and it merged with the tayii of c’išaa?

Maqƛii – tayii ḥaw̓ił k̓ʷacaapii (Captain Bill)

To join c’išaaʔatḥ we gave up our tayii seat of maqƛiiʔatḥ and were given the 4th seat in c’išaaʔatḥ in recognition of what we brought with us. This included lands, waters, resources, skills and talents of members, whalers, warriors, singers, dancers and among other things.

  1. c’išaaʔatḥ
  2. hiikuułʔatḥ
  3. ḥačaaʔatḥ
  4. maqƛiiʔatḥ

What ʔuštaqimł (family) do you come from?


Share some of your ʔuštaqimł (family) History.

  • Captain Bill Clutesi — k̓ʷacaapii (Oldest Brother of maqƛiiʔatḥ)
    • Edward Clutesi — k̓ʷacaapii
      • Albert Clutesi — k̓ʷacaapii
        • Isobel Clutesi
          • Joshua Goodwill (Clutesi) — k̓ʷacaapii

My mother is Isobel Clutesi (Tseshaht First Nation), my father is Blair Goodwill (Standing Buffalo, Dakota Nation)

My mother’s parents are Albert Clutesi (Tseshaht First Nation) and Bernice Clutesi (Charlie/Campbell) (Keltsmaht)

My Grandfather Albert Clutesi’s parents are Edward Clutesi (Tseshaht First Nation), and Mable Jackson/Clutesi/Yukoum (Ucluelet)

My great grandfather Edward Clutesi’s father is k̓ʷacaapii Captain Bill Clutesi (Tseshaht First Nation)

Share your story and ʔuštaqimł (family).

I currently live in our beautiful c’išaa ḥaaḥuułi. I moved home to Port Alberni in the spring of 2014. My wife Tonya Isaac (Namgis First Nation, Kwakwaka’wakw) and I have three beautiful sons: Todd (6), Roam (4) and Koda (2). I grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. Since I moved home, I have come to understand and respect that I have a responsibility and commitment to learning my family and c’išaaʔatḥ history. It is important for myself to learn, understand and respect the seat (maqƛiiʔatḥ) I hold. I value and cherish being a part of my community c’išaaʔatḥ by learning, listening, visiting and participating. It is important, crucial and valuable that I learn all our c’išaaʔatḥ teachings, values, songs, dances, stories, history of all living and nonliving, those who speak and those who do not speak and pass this knowledge on to my sons, family, and community. I have my Indigenous Studies Diploma from Camosun College, and I am currently working on my Social Work bachelor’s degree at the University of Victoria. I am currently employed with Tseshaht First Nation, as the Comprehensive Community Plan Champion. I am also employed by Mountainside Support Services as an Indigenous Child and Youth Support Worker. My current passion in life is providing my family with as many opportunities to learn, grow and create. It is my passion to create incredible memories and opportunities with my young family. My sons are only going to be young once, and this is the time to mold them into their incredible little personalities and watch the blossom into beautiful little human beings.

What are your goals and dreams for Tseshaht?

My goals and dreams for c’išaaʔatḥ is to take care of our children and their children, to watch them live and breath their culture, song and dance, language and ways of life and to protect and take care of everything that belongs to c’išaaʔatḥ and our future generations.