Healing, Answers, Change

ʔuuʔatumin yaqckʷiimitqin is led by wellness, healing and cultural values. Putting Survivors and community first. This project provides cleansing, brushing, cultural/ceremony and other supports. There is counselling support available for any Survivor of AIRS.

Bringing answers to Survivors and gathering knowledge of potential sites. Survivors who are able can share their truths and knowledge to help uncover lost souls and compile the names of every individual who attended AIRS.

This project works to uncover what we have lost. It is a reminder to celebrate who we are as a people, our resilience and our sense of identity. Engaging Survivors, Elders and Youth to transfer knowledge and share our culture with the future generation.

Together healing the pain ignored for decades and not bear it on our future generations.

Please contact our team if you are a Survivor, want to participate in this work or have information about AIRS.

Please call Linda Pelech, Counselling Support at 250.730.0547 or visit our ‘Mental Health and Cultural Support Resources‘ page if you need immediate support.