Tseshaht First Nation

Community Plan

We are pleased to provide the Draft Tseshaht Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) to the Tseshaht community.

The current draft was created by community for community with the direction of our Planning Team made up of a broad cross section of community members, who were elected at our October 2016 Community Committee Election process.

This document represents a first phase of what could be an on-going and much larger conversation for community to continue to participate in. This DRAFT Tseshaht CCP completes the first stage of the planning process by providing a DRAFT copy for our community to review.

ƛ̓eekoo ƛ̓eekoo to the community members who took time to for provide your thoughts , ideas, hopes and dreams through the:
• CCP Hopes & Dreams survey,
• “Pulling in the Nets” Community dialogue circles,
• One-on-one visits and conversations
• Youth Engagements
• “Our best past, Our best future: Tseshaht CCP Project” Social Media page and other community pages
• April 8th CCP Community Forum

This document brings together of all the diverse voices, ideas and contributions from our community to show the common goals and actions that came forward and what kinds of things were mentioned the most times by the majority of members in our discussions, surveys, and other engagement activities .

A draft Action Plan has also started that provides more details about ‘how’ and provides a roadmap for each of us to step forward, contribute, and work together to reach our unified goals and objectives. These actions were also developed through the many good ideas that came forward through community discussions.

Administration and leadership will keep the community informed about what is potentially coming next for the CCP and planning process. The next phase may consist of:
1) Discussion with you about the goals and objectives in the CCP;
2) Decide how the community might wish to ratifying the Comprehensive Community Plan with community;
3) Working with community to add to, refine and finalize the action plan
4) Create an implementation strategy and evaluation for the CCP to ensure it continues to be a community owned document and ensure accountability.

We have enjoyed working with and for our community tremendously and have learned a lot along the way. Thank you for offering your guidance, support, and input throughout this process.


With warm regards and deep respect,

Kelly Poirier and Dawn Foxcroft
White Raven Consulting